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  Dannmar MaxJax Portable 2-Post Car Lift, 6,000-lb. capacity

Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two-Post Car Lift

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Learn About the patented MaxJax

The MaxJax™ was designed for the DIY'ers, enthusiasts, and shop owners that want the ability of a full size two post, but also want the convenience of a portable lift. Think of it as the pleasant medium between the two. People tired of using sketchy jack stands and working on the ground, will appreciate the MaxJax™'s ability for quick setup and clearance. Shop owners that need more room to work on their customer's vehicles will appreciate the MaxJax™'s ability to conveniently store away when finished. It's the best of all worlds, the jack of all trades -- Introducing the Ultimate Garage Lift.

How does it work?

The portable two post MaxJax™ lifting system by Dannmar is very simple to install and use. The MaxJax™ garage lift can be installed by just one person in less than 30 minutes. This car lift's portable design allows convenient placement and movability that you can't find with any other auto lift on the market.

Why not a full-sized lift?

Anyone who is looking into a car lift will eventually come across the MaxJax. For many home enthusiasts, a car lift is just a dream; because their garage ceiling is just too low to fit a full sized lift.

A scissor style lift just won't do for most die-hard enthusiasts. Two words come to mind: "Under-car Clearance".

So, you're left with one option, when you can't fit a full-sized lift, and you would rather use floor jacks than fork over 2000 dollars for a scissor-lift: you need the MaxJax.

It is truly the only 2-post lift for home garages. With a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet, it will fit in just about any home garage. With an encyclopedia's-worth of information all over the internet, you will find that this lift is the only one of its kind. Filling that niche that no other lift could fulfill in history. Making your garage just as useful as any shop.

And last, it's the best price around, you can not find a better price anywhere on the internet.

It looks like a pain to set up. Is it?

Nope. We've made it as easy as possible. The motor cart is easier to roll around than a heavy suitcase; carting a roll-around patio heater around would be more difficult than moving a MaxJax column; and cleaning a windshield would take longer than connecting the MaxJax hoses. So in reality, you could have the MaxJax set-up faster than you could throw two wheels on your mother-in-law's F150, drag her suitcase from the driveway to the truck, wipe the bugs off her windshield and toss the borrowed propane heater on the truck bed. And don't forget that her truck wheels would have six lug bolts whereas the MaxJax only has five for each column.

We say it sets up in about 15 minutes just to make sure there's no chance of being wrong in our advertising. The truth is, if you're dedicated, you can probably do it in about nine. Consider that most DIY'ers spend way more time trying to get vehicles positioned on ramps or floor jacks. And then when you tack on all the non-productive time you waste slithering around with your back on the in the cramped confines beneath your car while it's on jack stands, you start to see where the MaxJax is a real time saver.

What keeps it from tipping over?

The concrete anchors actually secure the lift to the floor and keep it from tipping over. And, believe it or not, this is the way that most two-post lifts do it. The top crossbar found on most commercial two-post lifts is not intended to be load bearing. It's just a simple, elegant way to route the equalizing cables and hydraulic hoses. Although clear-floor style two-post lifts do have a crossbar, many popular floor-plate or base-plate styles are void of one.

Wouldn't your neck get sore?

We really don't understand why someone's back would experience any more discomfort working with the MaxJax on a rolling seat than standing erect on hard concrete. What's the difference? Working with the MaxJax does not contort your neck, but working on cars that are elevated above you sure does. Think about how nice it would be to sit down on a padded seat for some of those tedious under-car jobs. Our customers swear they prefer working with the MaxJax over standing all day on a hard concrete floor. Try it out, you probably will too.

Two Lifts in One
Our optional motorcycle adapter kit allows you to safely lift motorcycles, ATV's or other motorized vehicles to a comfortable working height.

2 lifts in 1 MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift

Mobile Cart Power Unit
Our standard mobile power unit cart is small enough to be stored out of the way and features a storage area for the hydraulic hoses. Simple quick-disconnect hoses can be positioned easily for single or dual column operation.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Mobile Power Unit Cart

Stow-To-Go In Just Minutes
A two-post car lift with built-in wheels that allows you to use the lift when you need it, then conveniently store it out of the way when not in use, keeping your garage and vehicle lanes clutter-free.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Stow and Go

Telescoping Arms
Telescoping arms allow the MaxJax to reach far, for those tough lifting points and pinpoint precision.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Telescoping Arms

Rotary Gear Flow Divider
A cast iron gear flow divider is the heart of the MaxJax™ system, providing precisely equalized lifting. The specially designed flow divider/ combiner is a positive-displacement fluid control device with precise flow division of hydraulic power.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Flow Divider

Solid Steel Safety Locks Bars
Our rugged safety lock bars are capable of holding three times the rated lifting capacity making sure your vehicles are safely elevated and remain secure.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Solid Steel Safety Bars

Recessed Anchor Bolts
MaxJax™ concrete anchors are internally threaded to provide flush-mount installation. These specially designed recessed anchors are installed in your concrete floor and remain there permanently.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Recessed anchor bolts

Free 3" Height Adapters
Others might charge extra for these necessary adapters, but they're standard with every lift. Ideal for trucks and vans with running boards or auxiliary fuel tanks.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift 3inch adapters

Height Adapter Storage
Where do you put your height adapters when done? We've answered that question with the convenient adapter housing storage system attached directly to the mobile power unit cart.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Stow and Go

Quick Disconnect Fittings
Storing your MaxJax has never been easier with these quick disconnect fittings. No need for any tools, just pull and go.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Telescoping Arms

Heavy Duty Caster System
The heavy duty casters allow you to tilt your MaxJax and roll it away in the corner when not in use.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Flow Divider

Heavy Duty Steel Lift Carriage
When carrying your car on our shoulders, note that they are made of heavy gauge steel, with reinforced welded plates.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Solid Steel Safety Bars

Direct-Drive Cylinder
The MaxJax is driven with a direct-drive hydraulic cylinder, which means it's stronger than most lifts. With less moving parts, this lift will also last longer than your run-of-the-mill chain-over lift.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift Recessed anchor bolts

Auto-Locking Arm Restraints
The MaxJax is equipped with auto-locking arm restraints to seize the horizontal movement of the arms. These lock the arms as soon as the lift is engaged.

MaxJax 2-Post Portable Home Garage Lift 3inch adapters

The MaxJax has unique features that make it one-of-a-kind:

- Stowability: The ability to be unbolted and stored anywhere

- Portability:
Ergonomic design with casters allow it to be rolled around

- Low-Clearance:
The ability for the MaxJax to be used in garages above 8'

- Massive Lifting Capacity:
Don't let the size of this beast fool you, it can lift a hefty 6000 lbs.

- Clear Undercar Access:
Unlike scissor lifts, this leaves a lot of room to get stuff done.

- Low-Profile Arms:
Fit under the lowest compact and sport vehicles

- Single-Piece Columns:
Purposes manufactured this way for added strength and less fatigue.

- Detailed Safety Instructions:
Included with every lift

- MaxJax Warranty:
Comes with unprecedented 24-month limited warranty on lift structure.

- Wide or narrow installation:
Take your pick!

- High-Speed Hydraulics:
Free-flow, high-pressure 3/8" hydraulics lines and a high-flow pump

- Durable Powder Coated Finish:
That's right. Extremely durable and high-quality.

Read the reviews at the bottom of this page to find out just how useful it has been to many customers.

MaxJax TV Commercial
The Ultimate Garage Lift

  • Each MaxJax system comes with a cast iron gear flow divider providing precisely equalized lifting
    • A dual voltage single-phase Power Unit is small enough to be stored out of the way
    • Built-in wheels gives this two-post auto lift portability when you need it
    • Optional Motorcycle Adapters
    • Fully adjustable lift arms with stackable adapters
    • Automatic arm restraints
    • Maintenance free load bearings
    • Solid steel safety lock bars
    • Detailed safety instructions
    • 24-month limited
    • Ability to create multiple installation positions
    • Durable Direct Drive Cylinders
    • Durable powder coat finish
    • Portable power unit cart

Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 14 Write a review.

Dannmar MaxJax Motorcycle Adapter
Our Price: $95.00

Dannmar MaxJax Motorcycle Adapter
Wej-It 5/8" x 3 3/4" Anchor Bolts with Recessed Anchor and Washer
Our Price: $8.75

Epoxy Grip Anchor Bolt Kit
Our Price: $159.00

Epoxy Grip Anchor Bolt Kit

  8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
maxjax September 14, 2012
Reviewer: Tanker from Weatherford, TX  
I took delivery of the MaxJax on March 8, 2011, after considerable research on finding a cost effective auto lift. The product is now installed and operational. In my opinion it is an excellent addition to my shop in every respect. Since I find that the review to be excellent and in agreement with both my situation and sentiments, rather than parrot what was said in that review I will add to it.

After many years of working on both street and race cars, we finally made the decision to purchase a lift to use rather than lie on a creeper on the floor. Our situation dictated height constraints and shop floor space conservation, and the size and portability of the MaxJax fits the bill to a 'T"
I installed it in my main shop and will be using it to work on a Mini Cooper S, a Jeep CJ5 undergoing restoration, and a BMW motorcycle usilng the optional motorcycle adapter. The lift could also be used on our Ford F150, provided a second set of anchors were placed to provide wider stance use. In any case, a second set of anchors will definitely be installed in a second building with a ten foot overhead clearance to allow full lift at 48" above the deck. The lift is versatile at three different "safety pin" settings allowing most work to be done under or around the vehicle without hassel.

Setup was relatively easy, but it probably took me longer than some others suggest. I am very meticulous and much time was spent deciding on column location, width, and ensuring that everything was square and fully in plumb. My suggestion is to fully read the instruction manual BEFORE attempting any assembly, and be sure you fully understand each step. The manual is full of safety warnings regarding the potential for personal injury and/or death. DO NOT ignore these cautions. The equipment is excellent, but ultimately safety is the responsibility of the operator.

Bleeding the columns took me quite a few tries, but ultimately lift and descent were adjusted to equal and everything is working well and as designed. The manual instructs to fill the Hydraulic Power Unit with 7 qts of fluid, and then add another 1.5 qts. Hidden in the "Trouble Shooting Tips" is a more specific statement to maintain the fluid level at just below the Power Unit bleed screw. Ensuring that this level is maintained from the get go shoud provide for speedier bleeding.

The total freight weight delivered was 880 lbs with the unit plus the motorcycle option. We live on a steep hill and have no forklift. Since this is a one man operation, I opted to collect the freight at the terminal. The entire package was placed into the bed of our F150, and transported to the shop. I broke the packaging down and unloaded all the bits possible by hand. Then the 600 lb combined columns were unloaded using a two ton engine crane, which was also used during assembly. Once the wheels are mounted on the columns, they are easy to move around for one person with reasonable balance and strength.

It is highly recommended to have a rotary hammer on hand for anchor installation, as rather large and deep holes are required. I purchased a Klutch rotary hammer, and the installation was relatively easy vs. an electric drill equipped with concrete bits.
The decision and purchase process was made easy using technical specifications and installation videos on the Dannmar website. After sale technical support from Dannmar has been excellent, and their people are knowledgeable, patient and friendly.

In conclusion, anyone looking for a quality, cost effective lift that is both portable and versatile, should find the MaxJax an excellent choice. Unless you absolutely require a lift that will allow you to fully stand under the vehicle while working on it, this lift can be used to do most any job required. A little use of Yankee Ingenuity can make this lift a good tool for a myriad of tasks.

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  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
i recommend this tool July 18, 2012
Reviewer: K. LeBeau from tallahassee  
Received this lift last year and I've been using it at least twice a week since then. The lift is well-built and easy to put together. I've never had to replace anything on this baby. It's perfect for my garage, I would recommend this tool to anyone interested in working on their car at home.

Was this review helpful to you?

  5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
maxjax July 9, 2012
Reviewer: KP from La Grange, Georgia  
I've always wanted a lift, but never had the room to put one in. When I found this one, you better believe I hopped right on it. It's perfect for my applications. Way better than a scissor style lift, the 2-post style gives much better under-car clearance. Arrived quickly, easy install, all the parts were there, and went up perfectly after bleeding the hydraulics. As always, the guys at GES couldn't have been more helpful. Satisfied customer! Will be back again!

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  9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
maxjax July 2, 2012
Reviewer: travis h from southern ca  
great lift, easy instructions, set up in minutes. dont know what id do without it. had just one problem but its not even worth mentioning because GES got it replaced within minutes of calling (+shipping time) with no questions asked. what a great purchase.

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  156 of 169 people found the following review helpful:
Max Jax - great tool June 21, 2012
Reviewer: Mike K from , Granville, Mass  
first I'd like to say that dealing with Ryan at GES was a great experience - I'm a customer for life if I'm always treated this well.

the lift is great.  installation was not a big deal, quality of the lift was good.  best thing is it works great.  very solid.  even though I have a 90" ceiling, i'm still able to get the cars high enough that I'll never go back to a jack and jack stands again!

Was this review helpful to you?

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