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Wheel Service Equipment

Wheel Service Equipment is a staple of any automotive shop. From tire changers to brake lathes and so much more. They are the machines that get your shop running at optimum speeds - paying for themselves in days. To learn how to increase your shop's bottom line, just look below:

Tire Changers

Tire changers are the essential center-pieces of every well-run garage. With exclusive tire changing features, the once dreaded chore of changing a tire is now easier than ever. Our state-of-the-art technology and advanced features make tire changing one of the quickest and most profitable services that you can offer a client.
Tire Changers
Brake Lathes

Brake lathes are hands-down the best investment you can make for brake service needs. The ability to stop at will is the most important safety feature a vehicle has. This is why Garage Equipment Supply carries from brake lathe manufacturers with years of industry experience - trusted to work hard, and maintain perfect integrity over years of shop use.
Brake Lathes
Wheel Balancers

Garage Equipment Supply provides more than just balancing equipment. We provide total balancing solutions. Our wheel-balancing machines are built to maximize shop productivity and uptime, and deliver years of dependable service.
Wheel Balancers

Wheel Alignment Systems

Wheel Alignment is a necessary step to take to ensure tires and efficiency are running at optimal levels. For a wheel alignment system to be profitable, it needs to be fast, efficient, and easy. The bottom line is, if you can't get the alignment done quickly, and accurately, you won't be making a lot of money off of wheel alignment - this is why we carry Ranger and Bosch wheel alignment machines.
Alignment Machine
Suspension Tools

Garage Equipment Supply offers a variety of suspension tools such as strut spring compressors and other suspension tools. Make your suspension job easier by purchasing one of our suspension tools.
Suspension Tools
Wheel Service Accessories

We carry a full line of accessories to further expand the use of your wheel service equipment from Garage Equipment Supply. From brake lathe bits, to alignment turnplates, we have all of your wheel service equipment needs all in one spot.
Wheel Service Accessories
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CEMB Wheel Alignment System | Wheel Service Equipment | Wheel Alignment System Dannmar T-100 Tire Changer Dannmar B-100 Wheel Balancer
Dannmar T-100 Tire Changer
Our Price: $1,599.00
Dannmar B-100 Wheel Balancer
Our Price: $1,449.00