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About Garage Equipment Supply

Why do so many choose Garage Equipment Supply instead of our competitors?


So many reasons, actually. To start off, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Where most of our competitors don't even come close to that rating. 

Click here to see our Better Business Bureau profile. We urge you to search our competitors on that site.

We pride ourselves on excellant sales education, support, selection of quality products, and technical buying suppor team.  

Trusted all over the USA:

We receive traffic from just about every city in America, daily. Each time, everyone says how great our customer service is; and they're more than satisfied with our products. It's not some marketing scheme, come check out our Reviews page.

It's not rocket science, we just treat our customers with respect, and cater to them; trying to make every purchase with us an experience that you want to come back to. That's how we've become the go-to guys for everything Automotive: not only through a great website, but also through the great service we offer in person, or over the phone.

Our competitors:

It's a shame that we get so many people calling in, just to complain about another company. They've been waiting a month and no product has shown up. They are fed up with their customer service. They can't get any answers, and need replacement parts.

We feel it is our duty to make sure that you get what you need, when you need it. Need a part? We've got you covered. Don't deal with the "B" companies that make all of their money from the fancy marketing terms; they get the sale and then they never want to speak to you again.

When you buy from GES, you're a customer for life; not because you have to, but rather, because you'll want to. We have your back.

The Heart of Garage Equipment Supply:

There's plenty of imitation websites that copy our material and paste it into their website, but there's one thing that you just can't copy: our customer service. Customer service is the heart behind any company, and ours just can't be beat. We pride our company on our great products and our ability to give out the best deals on the market- but our goal isn't just to make a sale and move on: it's to keep our customers for the future, and develop a friendly relationship with all of our customers; even surprising ourselves at how far we'll reach to make sure our customers feel they've gotten the best deal possible with the most information possible - because we know, it's not who can scream "We're the best!" the loudest: it's what's inside that counts.

But our customer service doesn't just stop at the door- we keep our lines open for you, whether you're purchasing or looking to purchase, or even just browsing, we have a representative waiting to answer any inquiry related to our products. Even if you're looking at a competitor's product, feel free to ask our opinion from people with years of industry experience. All you have to do is call or e-mail and we'll be there: outdoing your expectations; it's a promise, not a flashy marketing term.

Our Mission:

With more than 80 years of industry experience, Garage Equipment Supply (GES) provides high-performance automotive repair equipment to all sectors of the industry, from the hobbyist to full-service professional facilities. As we continually improve and expand our product line, we take pride in offering all customers with exceptional service and technical expertise.

Garage Equipment Supply is a leading global innovator, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality tool, diagnostic and equipment solutions for professional tool and equipment users. Product lines include a broad range of hand and power tools, tool storage, vehicle diagnostics equipment, vehicle service equipment, including wheel service, safety testing and collision repair equipment, equipment repair services, and other tool and equipment solutions. Garage Equipment Supply's product line includes auto repair equipment such as auto lifts, other vehicle lifts & hoists, two post lifts, four post lifts, alignment lifts, along with automotive tools and equipment of all kinds.

Garage Equipment Supply markets its products and brands through multiple distribution sales channels. Garage Equipment Supply's largest geographic markets include the United States, and Canada.

Keys to Our Success

Providing Our Customers Lower Costs through Cutting-Edge Technology

Our customers find solutions and save money because we employ the most advanced order processing and shipping technology available. In a rush? - we welcome you to consider GES the next time you're looking for that next piece of equipment and give us a chance to shine. Through our nationwide call center and easy to navigate web site, our order processing systems are coordinated to speed the ordering and fulfillment process from start to finish.

Highest Quality Services:

From small tool orders to large heavy-equipment purchases our expert and well-trained staff will efficiently expedite your entire transaction from the moment you hear these friendly words ... "Thank you for calling GES, how may we help you". We'll keep you informed every step of the way and give you the comfort of knowing that all delivery, installation and service needs are being thoughtfully coordinated with industry professionals nationwide. We're committed to building rewarding, long-term customer relationships.

Meeting Every Challenge

Our sales and customer service staff share a passion for keeping up to date on the latest product trends in the industry in order to help our customers make the most informed buying decisions possible. We rapidly respond to new opportunities in today's dynamic vehicle service markets. As a result, the rapidly changing requirements of our customers are consistently met through expanded product line offerings and improved and diversified service deliveries. We often identify niche service markets that that are essential to expanding our client's profits and their own customer service requirements that keeps their businesses running smoothly and successfully.

Our Story

20 Years and Still Growing

Over a decade ago, with the basic idea of giving mechanics and do-it-yourselfers a one-stop-shop for their tools and equipment needs, our original distribution company called CARQUIP, the predecessor to GES was formed.

Being able to save on heavy tools and equipment with quick and efficient delivery and free nationwide shipping was popular from the start. Our first CARQUIP catalog that featured primarily lifting products was mailed in 1996. Not long after, our customers were asking where they could find wheel service equipment and fluid service tools, frame machines and more. We quickly responded by expanding into tire changers and wheel balancers, alignment and front-end tools in addition to parts cleaners, tool storage and bench systems. This led us into serving every facet of the vehicle maintenance marketplace and within a few years, we were serving over 350,000 businesses nationwide.

Garage Equipment Supply is Born

CarQuip had experienced tremendous growth in the early years while consistently developing efficiencies in order processing and customer service. With a strong focus on cost cutting measures in distribution and transportation, we introduced some of the most forward thinking order processing technologies in the industry. Because of this we were able to pass on these savings to our customers which quickly catapulted our sales faster than we could have ever imagined. Customers wanted convenience and value and we were happy to give it.

It quickly became apparent that we had out-grown our company name. CarQuip was no longer appropriate considering the extensive array of products and services that we offered to our growing customer base. CarQuip grew to be more than just a localized specialty distributor but rather a nationwide tool and equipment superstore, the latter which soon became the anchor text for our new company logo and business statement.

The emergence of our new name Garage Equipment Supply and the GES logo was introduced in 1998 to reflect the broad scope of our product line and services. At that time we also relocated our corporate office and distribution center to a larger facility in Moorpark, California. The new expansive distribution center specially designed for GES also houses senior sales and marketing management and is home to our renowned programming and engineering groups.

Wide Variety of Products to Choose From:

Over the years, Garage Equipment Supply has developed a skill for selecting the right products and offering them to our customers in a way that makes it easier to shop. Our website, catalog and friendly order desk makes it easy to find what you're looking for fast. In recent years we have further expanded our product offering to appeal to the growing DIY market for home/hobby enthusiasts. Our approach is still the same; sort through all the available products and handpick the best ones. Doing so saves our customers time and money. We now offer over 12,000 different items which are all available on-line or in our master product catalog - and, if we don't have it, we'll do our best to find it for you.

Our People Are Key to Great Service

GES continues to grow, thanks to our hard-working, dedicated and experienced employees, who understand the products, how they're used and what to expect from them. They are friendly and knowledgeable and make your ordering experience fast, accurate and memorable. Whether you order by phone or through our web site, every order is shipped with great care and speed.

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