Ranger's famed RS-500 and RS-750 are some the best parts washers in their class.They come with:

  • Removable Filter Basket
  • Multi-directional Spray Jets
  • Built-in Oil Skimming System
  • Brass Nozzles
  • Quick-release door latch
  • Gasket-free door
  • Heavy-duty mesh turntable
  • Tank drain
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Time and safety door switch
  • Parts basket and removable tree rack
  • Standard Accessory Package
  • Commercial Grade Pump/ Motor Combination
  • Heated Cleaning
  • Thermostat adjustable 135-175 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Double-pole circuit breaker
  • Aluma-Klean Soap: removes oil, stains, and grease in a snap

What are famed RS-500 and RS-750 could do?

  1. Load those filthy parts on the over-sized turntable or place them on the sturdy parts tree or hanging parts basket.
  2. Close and latch the door then set the wash-cycle timer for up to 60-minutes.
  3. As the turntable rotates at 3-RPM, the parts are blasted from all angles with hot soap and water. The solution is continuously filtered and recycled.
  4. The powerful force of the jets and the hot detergent combine to remove grease, oil, carbon and other grime in just minutes.
  5. Unload the clean parts and allow them to flash dry in seconds.

But you can't really judge it until you see it in action: