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Benefits of Buying a Car Lift

The real information on why to buy a car lift right now.

Car lifts are becoming more high-tech and easier to maintain. They are at the cheapest price they have been in history (relative to inflation). Right now, with the economy the way it is, there is such a low demand for this product and for that reason, we've had to lower the prices dramatically to sell more lifts. Since we are now transitioning into a rising economy we are going to be raising prices dramatically within the next year to accommodate the projected higher demand. There is no better time than NOW to buy a car lift.

Financial Alleviation

First, if you're a car enthusiast, you can just do so much more with a lift in your garage. As car lifts get more reliable and cheaper, they are becoming more of a household item. The use of car lifts has skyrocketed recently, even in these troubling times. With a car lift at home, you can basically see it pay for itself with each routine maintenance. For dropping a transmission or replacing an engine, you've already paid for your car lift in just that one use instead of taking it to a mechanic.

The reason mechanically-inclined people pay for a mechanic to do their car work for them is simple: most people just can not do that work at home. They have the ability, they just lack the means. A car lift takes the middle man out of it, and puts your car into the hands of the person you trust the most: yourself.

But that's not the only reason to own a car lift; besides being able to do your own oil changes, tire changes, and other mechanical necessities with the greatest of ease; you can also find so many more uses for an automotive lift at home.

Saving Space

4-Post Car Lifts are quite possibly the cheapest and most effective way to double the space in your garage. Instead of paying money to expand your garage horizontally, very few people think about optimizing their vertical space. 4-Post lifts make it easy to use about the same space as one parked car, and turn that same area into a place for two cars to park. With the increasing durability and reliability of 4-Post automotive lifts, it is becoming a worldwide trend to leave your heirloom vehicles parked up top of a 4-post parking lift from months to years at a time. With multiple locking positions, car lifts these days can accommodate any type of car for almost any size of garage. With new innovations such as custom drip trays and 4-post caster kits, it makes these lifting systems far more versatile for a home enthusiast than ever before.

Space saving is just one facet of the storage features, not only is it good for optimizing space for your single or double car garage, it can be used as a display piece for all of your collectibles. With the ability to suspend cars for months to years at a time, you can turn your large garage into a showcase for all of your hard work and collectibles.


Car Lift Storage


Safety Benefits

The benefits of car lifts don't just stop there, besides doubling your garage space and making it easier to do routine maintenance; a car lift can be used as an alternative to unsafe service practices. Old car shops used to be equipped with pits, or even single-post lifts; these can be extremely unsafe. When considering a lift, always think about the safety benefits of each model. The old pit style leaves you trapped when faced with fires, and if inadequately ventilated, can cause death due to excess of harmful gases. Single-post hydraulic lifts are also very unsafe, with the apex of weight hanging directly in the middle- if you are just the slightest bit off-center with your weight balancing, you can easily tip your car off, causing expensive repairs, or in the worst of cases: injury or death. The safety factor of 2-post car lifts and 4-post car lifts should outweigh any doubt in your mind that you need a lift as opposed to a hole in the ground or a single post lift.

If you are thinking even for a second that the lack of a car lift can be easily mended with the use of floor jacks or jack stands, you would be dead wrong. The use of jack stands and floor jacks are a simple remedy for looking under your car; but extended use can cause great wear, and the size alone makes it a very uneasy experience for most enthusiasts. With the surface area combined with the weight of the car, there's just too many variables for most people. Getting under a 6,000 lb. car is just too risky, you need steel, a lot of steel. Don't trust your car or your life with anything else, just buy a car lift and make your life easier.

As car lifts get cheaper, and more ruggedly durable: they are an easy choice for any home enthusiast. The benefits are everywhere:

• Cheaper repairs

• Easy access to mod out your prized cars

• Simpler inspections

• Doubling your garage space

• Providing a safe alternative to pits, single-posts, jacks, and stands