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Clearfloor vs. Floorplate Two-Post Lifts

The car lift industry is filled with unique styles of lifts for every facet of the lifting community: home enthusiast, professional shop, industrial grade etc... Each type of buyer has it's own niche, with a car lift to fit their needs down to the last detail.

There are 4-post lifts, 2-post lifts, alignment lifts, specialty lifts, parking lifts, and a wide variety of accessories to come with. Today we're focusing on the two-post lifts: their styles, and their merits, with all the benefits and differences of each.

Two post lifts come in many different variations: Clearfloor style, floorplate style, shorty, portable, extended height, extended width, asymmetric style, symmetric style, with a lengthy list of accessories and variations in between. This article will focus on the merits and benefits of both the Clearfloor Style 2-Post Lift and the Floorplate Style 2-Post Lift.

Clearfloor Style 2-Post Lift
Clearfloor Style 2-Post Lift


Floorplate Style 2-Post Lift
Floorplate Style 2-Post Lift

The rundown:

Floorplate Lifts:

These lifts are designed with vertical profiles in mind. The cables are routed through the floorplate at the bottom, leaving the top open for optimal height capacity. The bottom floorplate provides extra support between the two posts, making it ideal for heavy lifting. The overhead clearance leaves you free to lift a variety of high profile vehicles, such as economy vans- as long as you don't hit the ceiling trying to lift it to full height.

The floorplate lifts are easy to identify as each one has, well, a floorplate at the bottom.

Clearfloor Lifts:

These lifts were engineered with usability in mind. The overhead bar acts as a safety stop, and provides a support between the two posts, for added support. The lack of a floorplate allows for equipment to be rolled under the lift such as oil drains, transmission jacks, and toolboxes.

Clearfloor lifts are also easily identifiable, just look for the bar at the top.

Floorplate Style 2-Post Lift
Gabe demonstrating the benefit of a clearfloor lift.

As with all lifts, there are pros and cons to each. We urge you to gather as much information as possible before purchasing, so you get what you need, and not settle because of a lack of information.