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Determining Weight and Width for Two-Post Lifts

Determining Your Two-Post Lift’s Weight Capacity

Two Post Lift Diagram

                                                                                  Two Post Lift Diagram

When purchasing any two-post lift, there are certain aspects as to what defines weight capacity that many competing companies take advantage of to falsely claim that a lift can withstand a specific amount of weight You could, in fact, be putting yourself in danger through this misinformation. To elaborate, two-post lifts have four arms (of either symmetric or asymmetric design). These are positioned under the vehicle to stabilize it at specific points.

Why are these specific points important? When using a two-post lift, the vehicle must be positioned according to its center of gravity so as to evenly distribute the total weight among the four arms. It is crucial that you be aware of the weight capacity per arm, which should be about 25% of the lift's total reported weight specifications. If this limit is exceeded on any of the four arms, mechanical failure or damage will follow.

In some instances, you may have a vehicle with disproportionate weight between the front and rear ends, such as with a forklift or loaded truck. In such scenarios, a lift operator must use common sense to re establish the center of gravity to accommodate the uneven weight, so that each arm will still receive 25% of the total load. This may affect where you position your vehicle on the lift.

Not every company will tell you that the advertised lifting capacity for competing lifts is bogus, but we here at Garage Equipment Supply care about your safety and happiness. We recommend that you don't leave anything to chance and always purchase the lift with the next larger weight capacity, compared to the lift you originally were considering.

Leave nothing to chance. Get the results you want and the gear you need with Garage Equipment Supply.

Measuring Lift Width: The Do's and Don'ts

Measuring Points on a Vehicle

Depending on the size of your vehicle that you want to hoist up on your two-post or four-post lift, you may need a wide or a narrow drive-thru clearance configuration.

The drive-thru measurement is defined differently for each type of lift, so in order to properly determine this distance, you must know the difference between measuring outside of the wheels and measuring outside of the mirrors.

On most vehicles, the wheel assemblies are narrower than the body of the vehicle as a whole, whilst the outside edge of the mirrors are usually the widest measurement for a vehicle.