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Four-Post Lift Comparison

Four Post Lift Comparison


4 Post Lift Comparison, Dare to Compare

In the car lift industry, there are a lot of cheap imitations have sprouted from the lack of competition to try and make a quick buck.

They over-rate their weight capacity, use cheap materials, and use flashy marketing terms to get you to buy their lift without concern for structure or quality.

What better way to  demonstrate the capabilities of a four-post above ground lift than to have a side by side comparison to a competitor's similar product? Garage Equipment Supply has put the Dannmar Commander 7000 4-post car lift toe to toe with a Certain Competitor's four-post lift in order to show what really sets apart our products from the rest of the cheaper, lower quality clones out there on the market.

The reason we do this is to show you the difference between "Designed in California" and "Designed for cheap manufacturing with complete disregard for safety".

What defines our 4 post lift as quality in a sea of cheap imitations?

The difference:

The Commander 7000 is designed so that the locking mechanism will be visible when released, giving you a clear indicator there has been no malfunction.


Heavy Duty Locks 4 post lift comparison


Our Competitor's lift has an internal lock in the cross-tube that is not visible so you can only hope that they were released correctly.

The Commander 7000's unique design includes using heavy duty materials not commonly used for fabricating lifts. Rather than traditional sheet metal, the Commander uses plate steel for key structural points such as the runway. This is to meet certain ALI standards required for weight capacity testing. All Dannmar 4-post lifts are tested far past their rated capacity, up to 150% in most cases.

This metal also provides a non-skid surface, unlike the "diamond plate" used by our competitors which performs less than adequately when met with oily or wet surfaces.


non-skid runways 4 post lift comparison


Non-skid Runway Material

One of the most important design features of the Commander 7000 is that the entire lift is powered with a two house hydraulic system, eliminating the possibility of a leak from the return air port.

In comparison, the Competitor's use a single hose system with a breather vent on the air return which causes used oil to leak onto the floor of your workspace.

Rugged Durability

Not only is the Dannmar equipped with high-gauge steel, which goes miles further than certain sheet metals as far as value. But it also comes with UMHV slide blocks as opposed to cheap plastic blocks, which wear easily and cause damage to the tubing on the inside.

Each Dannmar 4-Post Lift is equipped with heavy-duty steel aircraft cables for incredible toughness. Most of the cables are exposed so you know exactly when it needs servicing, whereas the other lift would be a guessing game with your life.


Air craft Cables 4 Post Lift Comparison


What if you need to move your 4 post lift?

Many four-post lifts come with caster extension kits, or additional wheel options that you can attach to your lift for added mobility in the shop. However, our Competitor's use cheap, steel casters that can and will damage finished floors. Our solution to this problem was to reinvent the caster kit using polyurethane casters, which are safer to use on all surfaces.

Four Post Lift Comparison

Quality Counts

As with all products, it's the little details that make all the difference when it comes to ease-of-use and lifetime value. The Commander Series  incorporates all of the best materials and accessories right down to the smallest detail, to ensure that every customer's needs are met with efficiency and resilience.

So ask yourself, are you willing to put your car, and your life in the hands of a cheaply constructed, cookie cutter car lift? Or do you want a lift designed with the consumer in mind? It's your choice, and if you choose the wrong one you might not have a chance to make the better choice.