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BendPak V-MAX Elite™ 10 HP, 120‐Gallon Vertical Tank, 3 Phase Air Compressor, Model 10120V-603

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BendPak V-MAX Elite™ 10 HP, 120‐Gallon Vertical Tank, 3 Phase Air Compressor, Model 10120V-603

SKU : 101313
BendPak's V-MAX Elite™ 10 HP air compressor (Model # 10120V-603) is a beefy, brawny and muscular machine. The 10120V-603 air compressor is an upright tank that
BendPak's V-MAX Elite™ 10 HP air compressor (Model # 10120V-603) is a beefy, brawny and muscular machine. The 10120V-603 air compressor is an upright tank that can hold 120 gallons of compressed air. It's a 3 phase system with 4 finned cylinders. It's durable, it's desirable and it's destined for greatness.
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Product Description

All craft. No compromise. The V-Max Elite 10120V-603 is a top-of-the-line air compressor designed for maximum efficiency, day-in and out under every load condition. Like others in the V-Max Elite series of air compressors, the 10120V-603 features an extreme-duty, four-cylinder pump made of 100% cast iron. These rugged 2-stage lubricated reciprocating compressors are made to shine on even your busiest days, in everything from automotive and body repair to manufacturing and industrial applications. 

Our V-Max Elite pump also features splash lubrication for total reliability and a V-4 finned cylinder configuration ​for 360° cooling. Heavy-duty, disc-type valves have been engineered for absolute reliability and users can even access them without having to perform complicated valve maintenance procedures or ​having to remove the cylinder.  A built‐in intercooler and air‐cooled aftercooler also chills the air to bring down the temperatures and keep condensation to a minimum. But at its heart, the V-Max Elite 10120V-603 is all about big air with comparably little noise due to slower RPM speeds and a two-stage design.

By design, all V-Max Elite compressors run at noticeably slower speeds thanks to their massive, energy-efficient pumps. We do this to reduce operating temperatures and maintenance costs while increasing overall efficiency. When making an air compressor purchase, it's always a good idea to consider the power it consumes along with the general ​upkeep you'll have to perform to keep it running. Because the true cost of ownership is more than the purchase price. Electric power costs add up based on the horsepower needed to produce the air required. The more air you can produce per horsepower, the less power is required to meet your air demands. ​When you stack what the Hush-Quiet 10120V-603 can achieve next to the other guys, it isn't hard to see that no one can touch the value of a V-Max Elite compressor by BendPak.


Product Features


  • 7.5 HP or 10 HP energy-efficient motor
  • Extra-quiet, low-RPM pump
  • Cast-iron V-Max Elite pump features simple splash lubrication for total reliability and a "V-4" finned cylinder configuration that provides 360° cooling
  • Proven air-cooled design is economical, reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • Two compression rings and one oil control ring provide excellent oil control and high efficiency air delivery
  • Dual drive belts require less belt tension resulting in less load on pump bearings, longer belt life and low vibration
  • Fully-enclosed belt guard
  • Cast-iron pump and heads are more stable under heavy workloads and do not warp from heat like aluminum cylinders with a pressed-in sleeves do
  • ASME rated tank
  • Large surface area and cooling fins on cylinders and forced-air after-cooler provides efficient heat dissipation for lower operating temperatures and dryer air. Compressor runs cooler, oil life is extended and maintenance is reduced
  • Tapered roller main bearings provide full contact and support of the crankshaft and needle-type piston pin bearings properly distribute bearing loads
  • Precision balanced flywheel has forced-air fan blades for optimum compressor cooling and life
  • Magnetic starter provides thermal overload protection and minimizes start loads providing long life and trouble‐free operation
  • ASME rated safety valve protects the compressor from overpressure and safeguards the operator
  • Balanced flywheel and counterbalanced crankshaft results in nearly vibration-free operation
  • Readily accessible disc-valves do not require disassembly of compressor piping for easy accessibility and reduced maintenance cost and downtime
  • Corrosion resistant tubing for coolers, separators and valves for longer life and reduced maintenance.
  • Oversized ductile iron crankshaft provides extra strength and longer wear
  • High-density, die-cast aluminum alloy rods minimize reciprocating weight
  • Rugged cast iron oil reservoir has convenient sight gauge glass, large oil drain and convenient fill cap.
  • Automatic pressure switch provides auto start and stop
  • Integrated pressure unloader valves are built into the intake valve assembly on the compressor head reducing internal pump heat from initial start-up compression
  • Pressure gauge with service valve
  • Oversize replaceable air filters
Technical Specs

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 0 kg
  • Tank: 120 gallons / 454 L / Vertical Tank
  • Voltage: 208-230/460VAC
  • Horsepower: 10 Hp
  • Phase: 3 Ph
  • Hertz: 60 Hz
  • Running Load Amps (SFA) 30-25A @ 208/230V - 13A @ 460V
  • Peak Start-up Amps 36-30A @ 208/230V - 16A @ 460V
  • Recommended Breaker 40A @ 208/230 - 25A @ 460V
  • Noise level: 75 dB
  • Pump Style: 2-Stage/V-4
  • Pump RPM: 745 rpm
  • Motor RPM: 1750 rpm
  • Lubrication: splash / oil
  • Cubic feet per minute @ 90 psi: 41 CFM
  • Cubic feet per minute @ max psi: 35 CFM
  • Max psi: 175 psi
  • Shipping weight: 1219 lbs. / 554 kg
  • Shipping dimensions: 44" x 30" x 79" / 1120 mm x 750 mm x 2007mm

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