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CPS LDA1000H Automotive Leak-Seeker with Mini UV Light

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CPS LDA1000H Automotive Leak-Seeker with Mini UV Light

SKU : 133421

The CPS LDA1000H Leak

The CPS LDA1000H Leak Seaker features a new innovative designed packed with unique features and equipped with the LDA1000UV mini UV light. 

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    Product Description

    CPS Automotive introduces the LDA1000H Leak Seaker including the LDA1000UV mini UV flashlight. With its new innovative design the LDA1000H is a microprocessor controlled sensor that utilizes a multi-channel signal detection method which improves sensitivity while also reducing false alarms. Featuring software managed sensor rejuvenation mode the leak seakers sensitivity remains constant over its life span. With a proprietary pulse modulation design the LDA1000H has a 50 hour battery life, LED indicators and a 500 hour sensory life.


    Product Features

    • Microprocessor controlled sensor electronics utilizing a multi channel signal detection method improves sensitivity while reducing false alarms.
    • New E_MOS® sensor technology incorporates a proprietary pulse modulation design to increase both battery and sensor life.
    • Software managed sensor rejuvenation mode, initiated at each start up ensures the highest level of sensitivity every use,for up to 500 hours of detecting leaks of less than .1 oz per year.
    • Sensitivity remains constant over the life of the sensor.
    • The LDA1000H is ETL Certified to meet SAEJ2791 for R-134a, as well meeting all US and International standards for automotive use for SAE J2913 for HFO-1234yf, and Euro Standard EN 14624
    • 50 hour battery life (3 "C" batteries) Auto Off after 10 minutes. Green LED low battery indicator.
    • 500 hours sensor life
    • 2 year warranty excluding batteries and sensor
    • Both visual and audible leak indicators
    • Patent Pending
    Technical Specs

    Technical Specs

    • Weight: 3 kg

    Sensor: State of the art E_MOS™ technology

    Gases: Sensitive to all types of refrigerants: HFC’s, CFC’s, HCFC’s as well as all halogenated vapors and gases such as SF6. Instrument factory calibrated to meet the requirements of SAEJ2791 and J2913

    Calibration: While moving 3"/sec. (75mm / sec.) at 3/8" (9.5mm) from calibrated leak source

    R-124a: L = 14 g / yr. (0.5 oz / yr.) or greater, M = 7 g / yr. (0.25 oz / yr.) or greater, S = 4 g / yr. (0.15 oz / yr.) or greater

    HFO-1234fy: L = 14 g / yr. (0.5 oz / yr.) or greater, M = 7 g / yr. (0.25 oz / yr.) or greater, S = 7 g / yr. (0.25 oz / yr.) or greater

    Audible Alarms: High pitched wide tone range audible alarm

    Visual Alarms: An 8 segment bar-graph LED display shows the relative leak size

    Operating Temp: -18 to 60˚C (0 to 140˚F)

    Power: Three size "C" alkaline batteries (NEDA/ ANSI 14A).

    Battery Life: : 50 hours minimum at 77˚F (25˚C). Battery life depends on cell chemistry and ambient conditions. Alkaline batteries provide longest life. Cold ambient conditions decrease battery life. The LDA1000H turns itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity— START button not pressed—to further prolong battery life.

    Dimensions: Instrument (L x W x H): 10" x 2.3" x 2" 254mm x 59mm x 51mm

    Probe: 15" (380mm) long, .25" (6.4mm)diameter

    Weight: 1 lb 2 oz (500 g)

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