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Ranger R80DTXF Leverless Tire Changer

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Ranger R80DTXF Leverless Tire Changer

SKU : 132915

The R80DTXF tire changer by Ranger is one piece of equipment that will make a big difference in your shop. If you liked the R26DT, you’ll love the R80DTXF tire

The R80DTXF tire changer by Ranger is one piece of equipment that will make a big difference in your shop. If you liked the R26DT, you’ll love the R80DTXF tire changer. The R80DTXF tire machine is a bulked-up, tuned-up and beefed-up version of the R26DT. It comes with new and valued bead-lifting features. 

Ranger's new and improved tire changer is electric powered and has variable speeds. Multiple speeds allow for an easier operating experience when hands-on assistance is required. The R80DTXF tire changing machine can fit tires with a maximum tire diameter of 47 inches. Treat yourself to one of the latest and greatest tire changing machines on the market; you won’t regret it.

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    Product Description

    The R80DTXF is an upgraded version of our legendary R26DT tire changer you’ve known and trusted for years with new assist tools and upgrades to fit your growing needs. With the R80DTXF you get the same rugged reliability Ranger is known for but with more standard features and increased capability - improved features like an automatic bead lifter, variable speed turntable and hand-operated bead loosener. Other time saving tools include a multi-profile traveling drop-center tool, top bead assist rollers, dual lower bead lifting discs and a nylon non-marring wheel restraint device - important tire shop tools designed to dramatically reduce effort, increase safety, and help minimize operator fatigue. A large 31” capacity turntable with adjustable hardened-steel RimGuard™ wheel clamps helps broaden the service range so you can handle virtually any wheel that rolls in your shop.


    Product Features

    An automatic bead lifting tool eliminates traditional tire irons and levers that can mar and damage wheel surfaces and sidewalls due to mounting difficulty or operator error. 
    • The hardened alloy steel mount and demount headhas a unique equidimensional shape that allows you to perform all changing functions with the tool head in the same position. The micro-smooth tool head surface glides tire beads effortlessly during mounting and demounting procedures to ensure costly tire damage is minimized.
    Variable speed control allows operators to match turntable rotational speed and torque with varied tire and wheel combinations. Choose high or low turntable speeds to minimize tire damage and to reduce the amount of time it takes to dismount and mount tires. 208-240V, 50/60HZ, 1-phase power is required.
    Adjustable RimGuard™ wheel clamps can accommodate wheels from 10” up to 31” and feature internal and external multi‐teeth jaws.
    Advanced clamp positioning allows for improved control when clamping wheels. Position clamps exactly where you need them within the entire clamping range. No need for the clamps to cycle the full range.
    • A geometric tabletop provides for easier bead lubrication and allows operators to make visual inspections of the lower bead during mounting and inflation procedures. 
    • A bi-lateral, power-controlled bead loosenerfeatures single-lever control on the shovel handle. This ergonomic design eliminates traditional foot-pedal controls that often force technicians into unbalanced working stances when loosening beads. Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, this valuable feature helps deliver additional power, speed and control, especially when servicing large or wide assemblies. 
    A multi-axis and adjustable bead loosener shovel blade helps accommodate a larger variety of tire and wheel combinations.
    • 100% stainless-steel bead loosener cylinder means no more worrying about moisture contamination from corrosion due to air source condensation. 
    Dual-flange bead loosener with oversized axle minimizes blade flex and improves durability.
    Enhanced bead breaker arm features rugged box frame construction that increases strength and assures years of dependable service and performance. 
    Industrial-grade, 45-micron, pneumatic control valves feature die cast and machined bodies constructed from zinc and aluminum. High-performance polyurethane seals and self-lubricating, Teflon® piston guides provide increased service life and performance at the highest level possible within almost every imaginable working condition. Valve plungers feature muffled extrication ports that direct any dirt or contamination accumulated on the outside perimeter of the spool to be automatically blown away each time the valve goes into the release position. 
    • A balanced flywheel helps the machine run smoothly, reduces vibration, and helps minimize associated stress on other machinery components.
    Durable forged steel (instead of cast iron) foot pedal levers will stand up to everyday use and abuse in high-volume tire centers. Snap action spring return means precise and controlled operation.
    • Foot pedal control valves feature multi-link rod connections for non-binding plunger movement and precise bilateral control.
    • All main-lead electrical terminals, auxiliary switches, and motor enclosures are sealed for air-tight, dust-free andcontamination-proof protection of terminal leads. 
    • Ranger NextGen™ tire changers feature high pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing with mirror smooth seamless bore for exceptional flow rates, high abrasion resistance, high burst tolerance and maximum kink resistance.
    Specially engineered drive-belt features convex sidewalls to distribute wear evenly while providing proper belt support for improved service life. Flex-bonded cords and flex-weave covers resist the effects of oil, heat, ozone, weather and aging.
    • A newly designed, maintenance-free gearbox features a large oil and grease reservoir that helps provide efficient heat dissipation and improved lubrication for longer service life. Internal baffles and a constant seating stress flange gasket assure positive, leak-free venting. The rugged gearbox enclosure is precision milled for precise alignment of horizontal and vertical bases and features precision helical gears that operate much more smoothly and quietly than typical spur gear transmissions. The rugged housing provides maximum strength for extreme durability under hard working conditions and greater precision under load during worm and gear alignment. High-strength, oversized worm and worm gears are straddle mounted between heavy-duty tapered roller bearings providing rugged dependability. 
    Improved electric motor features the best of proven technologies including rugged copper rotor construction, high-quality bearings, thermal-cool epoxy insulation, and durable rolled steel frames. 
    Powerful left-side assist tower features a multi-profile traveling drop-center tool that holds stubborn sidewalls in the drop-center, a single lower bead lifting disc and a pneumatic non-marring wheel positioning and restraint device that simplifies external mounting procedures and helps restrain wheels during inflation. A tire iron slot built into the bead lifting discs gives operators additional leverage for difficult tire handling. 
    • A right-side assist tower features dual power-drop top bead assist rollers that helps hold top beads in place during removal and installation of tough sidewall tires. An additional bead lifting disc and sidewall roller provides even more tire handling capability. 
    • Heavy-duty, tri-flange, cast-iron assist tower carriages features linear way bearings for durable maintenance-free operation.
    Up front controls and a sensible ergonomic design provide ease of use and more efficient operation. 
    Tilt-back tower design provides greater clearance and access for tire removal and inflation. Pneumatic-lock tool head stays positioned on the tower return for instant set up for like sets of tires and wheels. 
    Stainless-steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders are designed to reduce machine vibration and provide low-friction and long life operation. Internal end-of-stroke cushions are standard that help provide cushioning at the end of each full stroke to reduce wear on seals, wear band and piston rod. Permanent lubrication design provides outstanding service life. 
    • Important wheel service accessories come standard like a large soap bucket with brush and a multi-piece plastic wheel protector kit that includes turntable jaw covers, bead-breaker blade boots and specialized mount / demount head covers to help protect delicate wheels. 
    • We throw in a hardened steel tire iron and bead lever tool to assist during all tire mounting and demounting operations. 
    • A rigid 45mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft combined with a hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arm maintains perfect position of the mount-demount tool head during all tire service procedures to reduce the chance of expensive wheels getting damaged. All moving parts feature maintenance free linear guide bearings for easy adjustment of both vertical and horizontal wheel settings. The non-flex horizontal arm also features a hardened lower roller guide for smooth and controlled in and out movement. Integrated rubber bump stops assure smooth return during tilt-back operations to help reduce shock loading and minimize wear on tower guides and moving parts.
    • A simple to use tire inflator features foot-pedal operation and inflation hose with a sure-grip clip-on valve chuck enabling hands-free operation. Integrated air pressure dump valve enables you to lower tire pressure with a simple push of a button. 
    • Ranger tire changers feature the renowned TurboBlast™ bead seating system*that blasts a powerful air burst between the tire and rim to help seat stubborn beads fast. A durable, non-marring nylon discharge barrel features a contoured tab that locks securely on the edge of the rim for better control during air discharge between the tire and wheel. A welded-steel, eight-gallon surge tank is larger than competitive models for all the inflation power you need, when you need it.
    Storage areas for tools and accessories help keep work space tidy and operation-critical tools close at hand.
    Stainless steel braided metal conduit protects hoses and wires from abrasion and wear.
    Optional motorcycle turntable clamps add a whole extra level of versatility. Expand your capabilities, clientele and your bottom line.

    Technical Specs

    Technical Specs

    • Weight: 1186 kg
    Type of Drive System Electric / Air
    Motor 2 HP, 208-240VAC, 50-60 HZ, 1-Phase
    Air Requirement 110-175 PSI (8-12 BAR)
    Automatic Bead Lifting Tool Standard
    Variable Speed Control Standard
    Table Clamping System Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
    Wheel Clamping Method 4 Wheel Clamps - Internal / External
    Adjustable RimGuard™ Wheel Clamps Standard
    Bead Loosener System Pneumatic Blade
    Bi-lateral Power-Controlled Bead Loosener  Standard
    Bead Loosener Control Single-Lever Control on Shovel Handle
    Power Assist Towers Dual / Left & Right
    Upper Bead Assist Roller Standard / Dual Power-Drop
    Traveling Drop-Center Hold Down Device Standard
    Wheel Centering Tool / Inflation Restraint Device Standard
     "Turbo-Blast" Bead Seating System Standard
    Tool Tray / Bin Storage Standard
    Inflation Gauge With Integrated Air Dump Valve Standard
    Inflation Pressure Regulator/Limiter Standard
    Water Filter / Oiler / Lubricator Standard
    Air Regulator Standard
    Tire Iron / Bead Lever Tool Standard
    Large Soap / Lubricator Bucket Standard
    Brush Standard
    Tower Design Tilt-Back 
    Motorcycle Turntable Clamps Optional
    Internal Rim Clamping Capacity 12" – 31” (305mm - 787mm)
    External Rim Clamping Capacity 10" – 29" (254mm - 737mm)
    Turntable Tire Width Capacity (Mounting) 5" – 20" (127mm – 508mm)
    Bead Breaker Tire Width Capacity (Demounting) 3" – 15" (76mm – 381mm)
    Maximum Tire Diameter 47" (1194 mm)
    Shipping Weight 1256 lbs. (570 Kg)

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